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Wang Yang Elected Chairman of China's Top Political Advisory Body
Wang Yang was elected chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
China's Top Political Advisory Body Concludes Annual Session
Political advisors will vote on a draft resolution on the work
Innovation key to propelling Anhui
In the eastern province of Anhui, widely seen as the birthplace of China's rural reform, excitement reigns
Jackie Chan Donates Personal Heritage Collection
Kung fu star Jackie Chan has donated historic buildings...
ADB to Back Xin'an River Program
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) plans to provide...
A South Korean Delegation Visits Wuhu
A four-member delegation from South Korea...
Scenic Railway Laid in East China
The Hangzhou-Huangshan railway makes a...
  • Spring Festival Travel Rush Ends
  • Track-Laying Finished on Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway
  • Culture&Education
    Jackie Chan Donates Personal Heritage Collection
    Kung fu star Jackie Chan has donated historic buildings...
    Old and New Customs for Chinese New Year
    How Many Traditional Spring Festival Rituals Do You Know?
    How Did the Ancient Royal Court Celebrate Spring Festival?
    10 Spring Festival Foods to Try from around China
    Hefei's First "Town of Photography" Settles in Sanhe Town
    Mechanism to Prevent Harassment in Colleges
    'Wi-Fi Router' in West Zhou Dynasty Goes Viral Online
    Hui Culture
    Mat Weaving Craft Revives on Back of High-End Demand
    Chen Yunqin, 43, has worked as a...
    Lotus Root-Shaped Candy always in Short Supply
    Jackie Chan Returns Hui-style Houses to Bengbu
    Ancient Hui Architecture Finds a Home in Shanghai Cultural Park
    County in Anhui Holds Folk Activity
    Actors perform on the Taiping Bridge
    Kung fu Star Jackie Chan Returns His Historic Hui-Style Houses to the Chinese Mainland
    A New Way to Save Heritage Houses
    From Red and Swollen Fingers Comes Majestic Ink Decked in Black
    Ancestor Worship Ceremony Commemorates Laozi in E China's Anhui
    Explore Anhui
    Anhui Adds Two More National Forest parks
    2 forest parks in Anhui province
    Sanhe Ancient Town in China's Anhui
    Bantang Hot Spring Goes National
    Mount Huangshan Lowers Winter Admission Charge
    Mount Huangshan: Best Place to Explore Autumn
    Where to See Red Leaves of Autumn
    Tourist Attractions Lower Admission Fees for Slow Season
    Huangshan Mountain Offers Free Admission for Foreigners
    Town with Anhui Charm to be Built Around Chaohu Lake
    Featured Towns to be Built on Banks of Chaohu Lake
    Scenic Railway Laid in East China
    The Hangzhou-Huangshan railway makes a...
    Plum Blossom Seen in Mount Huangshan
    No More Free Rescues for Rule-Breakers
    Trains Suspended due to Heavy Rain
    Heavy Rain to Hit Northern Anhui
    Yellow Alert for Heavy Rain Renewed in Anhui
    More Train Services This Weekend to Facilitate Post-Exam Travel
    China Unveils Cabinet Reshuffle Plan
    China on Tuesday unveiled a massive cabinet reshuffle plan to make the government better-structured,
    New Cadres to Drive Rural Rejuvenation
    Blueprint Released for Optimizing Gov't
    CPPCC Members from Anhui Arrive in Beijing for Annual Session
    More Gov't Services Using Facial Recognition, AI and Robot Technology
    CPC to Launch New Round of Discipline Inspection
    r Secretary
    Li Jinbin
    re Governor
    Li Guoying
    The Provincial Departments and Bureaus
    2018 China's "Two Sessions"
  • 2018 Anhui's Two Sessions
  • Year in Review: Top 10 Stories during 2017
  • Invest in Anhui
    Magneti Marelli Builds New Plant in Anhui
  • Bombardier to Shape Wuhu Monorail Plan
  • World's Largest Floating PV Power Plant Built in Anhui
  • Volkswagen, JAC Motors Teaming up
  • Development Plan
    Top Priority for Industry Clusters on Yangtze River Belt This Year
  • Anhui Boosts Development of China’s Sound Valley
  • Another 10 Towns in Anhui to be National Featured Towns
  • Anhui Aims for 100 Top Tourist Destinations
  • Video
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper: Part 1
  • Chinese Xuanzhi paper
  • Palace Museum Showcases Conventional Anhui Craftsmanship
  • People
    A Foot Masseuse's Way up to China's Top Legislature
  • Power Worker from Anhui Proposes Support for Skilled Team
  • Model Prosecutor Brought Positive Change to Tibet
  • Glass Entrepreneur Happy to Be Home
  • Anhui Today
    Eyes on Anhui
  • Many Mourn East China Good Samaritan Beggar
  • Warm up Your Winter at Mount Huangshan Hot Spring
  • Unlocking Inland China -- Anhui Engages with the World
  • Hefei among Chinese Happiest Cities in 2016
  • 3 Towns in Anhui Selected as National Livable Towns
  • Sister City
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